Care instructions for your Vetbed, Blog by Terry             Click here for PFD VERSION

Here are the manufacturers recommended care procedures.

90 ° C machine washable for occasional disinfection
Tumble dry low heat
40 ° C machine washable for normal use
Use non-biological detergents
Do not use Chlorine Bleach

I need to give some back ground here for the information I want to put out. I am a certified drycleaner by profession and I have 35 years of cleaning/drycleaning/laundering, fiber and fabric experience, so I think this qualifies me to offer some cleaning advise for cleaning and care of the Vetbed® products that I sell.

Washing your Vetbed at 90 degrees centigrade (194 degrees f) will definitely disinfect your vetbed®, but most people cannot wash in those temperatures because they cannot create those temperatures in their homes. Most homes have hot water temperatures of around 120 degrees f, so washing in hot, most times will do the trick.

If you need to disinfect your vetbed, PLEASE DO NOT use chlorine bleach!!!!!

Chlorine bleach causes synthetic fibers to become brittle and break down, and because Vetbed® is 100% synthetic, your really shortening the life of your Vetbed® (this is where my competition has it all wrong! its not about losing color)

Other alternatives to getting your Vetbed® really clean and bright are in your supermarket laundry detergent isle.

For everyday use of Vetbed®, a good wash in hot water will suffice. Use normal detergent, freshen the smell with vinegar in the rinse water. Do not use fabric softeners.

After welping, give the vetbed® a wash in cool water with a bit of soap to remove the worst of the staining out. Now here is a tried and true remedy...... Soak the Vetbed® over night in ammonia in your machines soak cycle or in your tub.. Then wash again... The staining from the welping should wash right out.

Another remedy for brightening/whitening your Vetbed® is give your detergent a boost with Borax. Borax is a great alternative to using chlorine bleach to whiten fabric. It also helps eliminate that musty odor in your front loading washing machine. Borax, also know as sodium perforate is an oxidizing bleach that gets stronger with heat, so use it in hot water too....

Hydrogen peroxide can also be used to bleach/disinfect your Vetbed®. Pour the hydrogen peroxide in your washing machine and let is sit for awhile, then wash. You can get stronger hydrogen peroxide at most health food stores, its called food grade hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is also an oxidizing bleach.

You can tumble dry your Vetbed® on low heat, or hang it to dry. Non slip Vetbed® should be hung to dry to preserve the rubber backing. Drying the rubber backing on high temperatures will shorten the life of the rubber over time.
Enjoy your Vetbed®, regards Terry.