1. What is it made of?
Branded polyester (therefore always made to the same high specification), with a double woven backing covered in latex.

2. Is it non-slip?
No.  But we have

3. Can it be put straight on the floor/concrete?
Yes, Vetbed can either be used inside a plastic oval bed or direct onto the floor/carpet or even outside in the kennel.

4. Is it washable?
Yes, completely machine washable, and quick drying. In fact, Vetbed(TM) is the only pet bedding available that can be cleaned and sterilized in an autoclave.

5. How long will it last?
It can last up to 10 years in normal domestic use.

6. Does it come in other colours?
Yes, white, grey, brown, mink , red and green.

7. Is it the Original?
Yes, Petlife’s Vetbed has been going for 20 years now, and although there are a lot of look-a-likes on the market, no-one has yet matched it in quality (this is why it costs more than the cheaper look-a-likes on the market today). Vetbed Original is printed as such on the back.

8. What is the difference between this and the cheaper versions?
They may look very similar when they are new, but Vetbed™Original from Petlife stands the test of time. It can be washed and washed and still looks good – users tell us it last and lasts.

9. Is it resistant to chewing?
No, if your dog’s going to chew, it will still chew this, although it is probably the strongest veterinary bedding because of the double woven backing covered in latex it’s very strong and durable.

10. Do you ship to the US?

11. Are there special washing instructions?


Originally developed in the United Kingdom by Petlife International Limited, Vetbed is now available in Canada through us here at Vetbed Canada. We are the official distributors of Vetbed in Canada and guarantee that you are getting this trademarked certified product.